Usually for Thanksgiving my older sister does all the cooking and my whole family usually gets together, but this year things were a little different. I decided last minute I would cook for my family including my uncle and my two cousins. After three hours I prepared 8 little dishes and one amazing holiday ham. Success! I don’t plan on doing this again though. I’ll leave the cooking to my sister!

I decided early on not to participate in Black Friday this year, mostly because I can’t stand lines or poeple– lots of people, but I somehow ended up in worst place ever–the premium outlet. We didn’t stay long but I did snag this cute red J.Crew sweater as seen in the picture.

Also today I met up with a dear friend who I haven’t talked to in a very long time. We went to the forum and stayed for the lighting of the tree. But, before all that we ate some Thai food and got some Starbucks. (BTW the peppermint mocha is kinda AMAZING) and we also watched My Week with Marilyn. I love the feeling when you meet a friend and you can pick up exactly where you left off even if you haven’t seen eachother for months.


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