I received a gift from Lina and Lee the other day for doing a good job marketing Athens Interiors Market’s products. I cannot express how important social media is for businesses, especially small local businesses. My parent’s own a small business and when the economy gets tough things drastically change. Everything depends on the economy and businesses try to strive through the hard times. I am happy that I can do this for them because Linda and Lee are both so sweet and funny. It’s amazing how posting a single photo on fb can create interaction. Interaction between the consumer and the product and the product to the consumer. I really hope AIM will continue grow and get more followers on both Pinterest, FB, and Twitter in the Athens, GA community. I loved this willow branch indoor lights. They really make the room light up.


2 thoughts on “Noticed.

  1. I haven’t watch the awards, but sounds like it must have been a great speech! I really loved reading the Help also, I think this is one of the books I would love to have written myself, have you read it?

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