It’s been a long week

It’s been a very long week at school. I had two sociology exams and a merchandising presentation. I think I got a total of 20 hours of sleep this week. This picture was taken in the UGA law library. It’s so peaceful and quiet there. This is exactly where I should be studying at because it’s the only place I can focus. Last semester, I literally went everyday for a whole month, but then quickly fell out of this routine after winter break. This week was definitely a reality check for me because my exam grades were unacceptable. I have no excuses…I just procrastinate on studying. I end up pulling all-nighters feeling helpless and frequently dozing off to Neverland. I wonder how everybody else juggles everything. It’s just seems so hard to focus on the things that really matter. I’m a student. I belong in the library.


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