As an advertising student, I’m obligated to take an interest in all the advertising around me, but today (yesterday) was the most important day for the industry. It’s Superbowl Sunday which can be translated in Advertising language as Brandbowl. How much does an 30sec ad spot cost you ask? 3.5-4 million dollars and that’s only for 30 seconds. Talk about crazy– that number increased almost one million dollars from the average last year. These days a lot of the ads get “leaked” all over the internet so the masses get to get a sneak peek of them. I think it takes away from the anticipation of what Super Bowl ads are all about. If we already know what’s coming what are we looking forward to? 

As I was watching the Super Bowl, I had some of my favorite ads I wanted to share.
P.S. Dogs were pretty popular this year. Who can resist?

WINNERS: I loved the “Rescue” Budlight commercial by Mcgarry Bowen (one of my favorite agencies)

watch it here

Next, is the M&M commercial where Ms. Brown was introduced
 watch it here

and lastly, the Chrysler commercial featuring Clint Eastwood “It’s halftime in America” The only criticism I have of for this commercial is that the ad didn’t feature any asians at all. Maybe I’m being too critical but a friend pointed this out and I noticed after. There needs to be more diversity AD people

watch it here


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